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My name is Zuzanna and I’m the founder and lead florist here, at Bloomantic.

I’m originally from Poland but I moved to London about 15 years ago and this is where I became who I am, so London is my true home. This is also where I met Jesus and He literally turned my life around! I am so grateful for a joyful heart and a peaceful mind, and for how far He has brought me.

I have always loved flowers and used to play around with them for fun until about three years ago I figured combining work and passion could be pretty awesome. So here we are.


I’m a huge fan of love stories and happily ever afters which is why I decided to focus on weddings. Being able to play a part in making couples’ Big Days extra special and helping to create memories they will treasure forever is just such a privilege and honour! I love my job!

I’ve been blessed with an eye for the fine details and I put all my heart into what I do. I have the most fun when I get to incorporate lots of beautiful foliage elements into my design, creating a natural, untamed look. I also love working with pampas grass and dried florals. All things wild and unstructured is definitely what makes my heart sing. If these are the kind of arrangements you love too, we’re going to have a lot of fun talking about your wedding flowers!


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