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I know planning a wedding, exciting as it is, can feel a bit confusing and overwhelming at times. But don't worry, I got your back!

Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions from my couples.

If you have any other questions,
please feel free to get in touch:

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01. How much do wedding flowers cost?

Just as each couple is special and unique, no two weddings are the same. The cost of your wedding flowers will depend on various factors, such as varieties of flowers incorporated into the design, season, size and finishing touches, which is why there aren't any set prices. I will guide you through design options at different price points specific to your wedding, making sure they work beautifully within your venue and are perfectly in line with the vision for your big day. I create full package weddings with a minimum spend of £2,500 for 2024 and £3,000 for 2025 dates.

02. How does it all work?

Once you have filled out the contact form on my website, I will get back to you, and if I am available on your wedding date, we will schedule a call or a video call - whatever you are comfortable with. We'll chat through the vision for your big day and I will share some ideas and guide you through different options and solutions, which will allow us to create the most impact. I will then create a detailed flower proposal and a quote for you. Nothing is set in stone, you are more than welcome to make tweaks and changes until you are fully happy with your flower plan. Once you have read and acknowledged my Terms & Conditions and a 20% deposit has been paid, your booking will be confirmed :)

03. Can we make tweaks and add items after we have made the booking?

Absolutely! I totally understand things change in the planning process and your inspiration grows along the way - that's great! You are more than welcome to add items as you wish, however no more than 10% of the flower total can be deducted from the quote agreed upon your booking.

04. Can we repurpose our ceremony flowers?

Quite possibly. It depends on the design, location and other factors. If this is what you would like to do, please let me know during our chat, and I will advise you on whether it's possible or what we can do to make it happen.

05. How does a flower selection work?

I will incorporate a gorgeous selection of flowers and foliage elements into your design, which will help us to create the vibe you want for your big day - they will be listed within your flower proposal. However, since I work with mother nature, as well as the availability of my suppliers and importing issues, I can't promise any particular varieties for definite - I simply wouldn't want to disappoint you in case some of them become unavailable. If this happens, I will replace these particular flowers with the most suitable alternatives of the same high quality and similar value, making sure that the overall style and colour palette of the design remains unchanged. When thinking of your wedding flowers, I encourage you to focus on the overall look and feel, rather than any particular varieties.

06. Can we keep some of the flowers after the wedding?

You are more than welcome to keep any flowers you like, they are yours! Please just make sure to leave all the hired goods (the arches, stands, vases, etc) in the venue for me to collect them after the wedding.

07. Do you have a Public Liability Insurance?

Yes, I do.

08. Do you offer candle hire?

Yes, I do offer beautiful, modern candlesticks and tea light holders. I would definitely encourage you to incorporate these as part of your floral design - they will create such a cosy, romantic ambience.

09. I feel a bit confused. Were do I even begin?

Don't worry, it's perfectly normal to feel this way. Simply enquire - I will answer all the questions you might have and guide you through the process :)

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